Telephony Automation

  • Calls (Mobile & Fixed Line) Verification
  • DTMF Verification
  • USSD (e.g. Call Forwardings, Pre-Paid Balance Query) Verification
  • Speech Path Verification

Messaging Automation

  • SMS Verification (send, receive, contents)
  • SMS input (e.g. get PIN/TAN from SMS and use it for the Web UI)

Device Settings Automation

  • Airplane Mode
  • Mobile Data
  • Wi-Fi

Speed Test Verification

Speech Recognition

  • IVR automation & verification
  • Announcements verification (e.g. “The number you have called is…”)

GMail Automation

  • Verify Email Notifications (e.g. “password reset” from a web-site, Order Confirmation from a Web-Shop)
  • Send Emails

Wireshark Automation

  • Start & stop traces (e.g. tshark, tcpdump)
  • Verify any Wireshark supported protocol
  • Verify fields inside a PDU
  • Follow Transactions (e.g. only messages that belong to certain TCAP or SIP transaction)
  • Parse/post-process stored trace files

Nokia One-NDS Provisioning Interface

  • SPML Provisioning over HTTPS
  • Certificate Based Authentication
  • Subscriber Provisioning (HLR & HSS)
  • NSR Provisioning

Advanced RAN Functions

  • System & Band lock
  • GSM, WCDMA and LTE carrier lock
  • Scrambling code and PCI lock
  • Speech/Video Quality measurement

Mobility Management Functions

Full control over 2G, 3G and 4G signals due to digital attenuator automation

Accurate Time Measurement

Accurate time measurement based on signalling analysis:
Call Setup Time, CSFB and return to 4G, etc.