GUI Verification

  • Web UI automation
  • Java UI automation
  • Windows UI automation

Mobile App Verification

  • Real Devices and Emulators
  • Off-the-shelf Devices (no rooting, custom ROM’s required)
  • Native and Web Apps
  • Android and iOS

Protocol Trace Verification

  • Trace Tool Management (Start, Stop, download/export Trace) via GUI or command line
  • Supports all common trace formats (pcap, XML, text, csv)

Back-end system Verification

  • Backend Log file (e.g. syslog) handling: verify & collect
  • Alarm verification
  • Data Record (EDR, CDR, xDR) verification
  • Web API (e.g. SOAP, JSON) verification
  • Linux/Unix Shell automation
  • Any Telnet Interface
  • Any SSH Interface

and everywhere else you can imagine ...

Attenuator Control

  • Programmable digital attenuator control
  • Total control over 2G, 3G and 4G
    signals for automated
    MM testing
    (Handover, SRVCC, etc.)

Keyword-Driven Test Automation

Let your business process experts design Test Cases with predefined keywords

  • No technical knowledge required for Test Case design
  • Easy readable Test Cases
  • Technology independent
  • Low maintenance

Internet of Things (IoT)

According to a variety of different studies, there will be tens of billions of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices deployed all over the world by 2020. About 10% of them will use cellular connectivity.

For an End-to-End testing approach,  the ATF controls the whole chain from the IoT Device via the EPC/CIoT EPS and the IoT Service Platform to the Application Server.

Audio Quality

Professional audio path verification according industry standards

Legacy Telephony

Automate your Legacy Telephony service tests.
The ATF can control analog POTS lines and ISDN devices to enable automated VOICE, DATA and FAX testing.
Including audio path and FAX quality analysis.

Document Verification

Automated PDF document analysis for invoice verification.